2017 Articles by Wachler & Associates PC

“Commercial Audits and Appeals White Paper”, by Michael D. Bossenbroek, Esq., Jesse A. Markos, Esq., Jessica C. Forster, Esq., and Kevin R. Miserez, Esq., State Bar of Michigan, December 2017

“Cyberattacks – The Gathering Threat to the Healthcare Industry” by Michael D. Bossenbroek, Esq., Healthcare Michigan Compliance Corner, October 2017

“D.C. Circuit Ruling Impacts Medicare Providers and Suppliers Seeking Relief from Medicare Audit Appeals Backlog” by Dustin T. Wachler, Healthcare Michigan, September 2017

“Michigan’s Enhances Prescription Monitoring Program and New Analytic Tools for Controlled Substances Help Protect Both Patients and Providers” by Jesse Adam Markos, Healthcare Michigan, August 2017

“Resolving a Criminal Matter is Significantly More Complicated for Health Care Providers” by Jesse Adam Markos” by Healthcare Michigan, July 2017

“Medicare Appeals Process: CMS Publishes Final Rule Revising Regulations”, by Andrew B. Wachler and Jessica C. Forster, Health Care Compliance Association, June 2017

“Physician Services Are the Initial Primary Target under Michigan’s New Medicare RAC Regime”, by Kevin R. Miserez, May 2017

“Concierge Medicine: A Viable Alternative, Proceed with Caution”, by Dustin T. Wachler, April 2017

“Many Voluntary Referrals to Michigan’s Health Professional Recovery Program Result in Disciplinary Action”, by Jesse A. Markos, March 2017

“Michigan Enacts Significant Changes to Physician Assistant Laws”, by Dustin T. Wachler, February 2017

“Effective Peer Review May Be the Best Defense to Liability for Fraud and Abuse”, by Jesse Adam Markos, January 2017

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